Nutritional Analysis

Even with a “perfect diet” science is finding that the nutritional status of many people may not be meeting the high demands. It can be argued that we are an overfed and undernourished nation.

Some may believe that nutritional deficiencies are a thing of the past. However current research fields such as Anti-Aging and sports science suggests that unoptimized nutrition may be linked to: poor sleep, poor memory, skin disorders, premature aging, diminished athletic performance, sexual dysfunction, autoimmunity, and inability to obtain optimal body composition. 

Unfortunately, standard lab work used to identify nutritional deficiencies uses outdated technology and arbitrarily assigns reference ranges where a “normal” lab may actually be hiding the fact that the individual is intracellularly depleted of the nutrients the cells need to be in balance and function optimally. 

At Matrix we use innovative nutritional analysis utilizing some of the most advanced labs in the country to get personalized data to support an individualized nutritional program.  From the average Joe to the elite athlete we have used this information to guide our clients to achieve their goals. 

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