Men’s Sexual Wellness

Boosting Sexual Health and Performance: An active sex life is something that should be enjoyed by men of all ages, but issues such as erectile dysfunction and low libido or sex drive can interfere and lead to frustration.

What conditions do our sexual wellness protocals address?

Erectile Dysfunction / Sexual Enhancement / Poor Libido / Low Sex Drive

M.E.D. Pulse Powered by GAINSWave

The M.E.D. (Matrix Erectile Dysfunction) Pulse Treatment Plan is a multi-week, personalized protocol that seeks to find and solve the cause of Erectile Dysfunction that many men suffer from.

The M.E.D. Pulse Treatment Plan includes:

  • A complete Metabolic Assessment - This helps to dive deep into the cause of the problem and to create a more personalized protocol that best suites your needs.
  • Gainswave Shockwave treatments - This is utilized to increase blood flow to the penis. These non-invasive, 20 minute treatments help the body naturally break up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the penis.
  • Cardiovascular Assessment - The link between Heart Health/High Blood Pressure and ED is unmistakable. We can open doors to possible solutions with a few simple tests.
  • P shot - An injection of Plasma Rich Platelets PRP which has been used as a sole treatment for erectile dysfunction or in conjunction with shockwave therapy.
  • Prescribing Key Supplements & Nutritional Needs - We give the body all the tools its needs to regenerate prior damage.
  • Maintenance Visits - Why would you rebuild a classic hot rod and not include a maintenance program to keep it operating a peak performance.

If you’re ready to reawaken your sex drive and have more enjoyable sexual activity, talk to us today about the benefits of our sexual wellness program.

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